Monday, March 15, 2004


Title of an article at "Ipod Used In Domestic Homicide."
A Memphis woman was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after she bludgeoned her boyfriend to death with an iPod. [...] Police said no motive has been confirmed, although evidence suggested the murder was the result of a domestic dispute after Pulaski erased the contents of Mathers’ iPod.
In a callout box beside the article: "Related News: Get great deals on the new Apple iPod mini. Starting at under $250."

You know, I'm sure that there are people who read this article - complete with the coroner's quote "It took him a while to die,” Dr. Klamut said. “She must have stabbed him 40 to 80 times with that iPod. His death was not instantaneous, that’s for sure” - and thought, "Man, I've got to get me one of those." But are they really the marketing demographic HeadlinedNews wants to go after?

Update: The ironic thing about this is that I'm usually the one who scoffs at people who were taken in by a hoax. Alas for me.