Saturday, April 24, 2004

Jed Bartlet Is My President - Not To Mention My Pitcher.

You can barely make the words out in this picture, I know. It's the scoreboard at Camden Yards, and it reads: "The Orioles Welcome First Pitch Participant - President Josiah Bartlet."

Orioles scoreboard announcing 'President Josiah Bartlet'

For a few minutes - well, for twenty minutes, actually, because they filmed the scene four times - I got to live in an alternate reality where I had a brilliant, courageous, liberal, slightly goofy president. A president I could trust. I cheered myself hoarse.

But I'm sure what you're all really wondering is: what kind of arm does Jed Bartlet have? Well, I've got some bad news for the country. First pitch was high and outside. Second pitch also high, for another ball. Third pitch was in the dirt. Then he threw a wild pitch over Javy Lopez's head. Four pitch walk to start off the first inning, and you know that kind of thing leads to nothing but trouble.