Saturday, August 14, 2004

CDC HIV Prevention Regulations: Reprise

Recently, Doug Ireland's April scare piece about new CDC regulations for HIV prevention activity has been given new life in the blogosphere. In the last couple weeks, I've seen the article quoted all over LiveJournal, as well as in favorite blogs of mine, such as Echidne of the Snakes. People have also started e-mailing it to me again with requests for comment.

I don't normally reprint my own stuff, but given the increased circulation of the Ireland piece, I'd like to repost a link to my analysis of the proposed new CDC regulations. In summary: I think that Ireland's piece is an alarmist and misleading distortion of what the regulations actually say, and I don't think that the proposed changes will have a negative impact on HIV prevention activities. The new regulations certainly do not restrict future HIV prevention efforts to "abstinence only" models. If you're still concerned, follow the link for my detailed analysis.