Wednesday, July 05, 2006

State Of The Otter

I realize that my posting volume has dropped again, and I'm sure it's making some of you twitchy - wondering if I'll claim to be running out for a pack of otter pops and then disappear for another nine months. That doesn't seem likely to me; even though I haven't had time to post, I've still had post ideas crowding my head, and they're not likely to leave me alone until they're written. But first there were some health issues, and now my Significant Otter's long annual business trip has combined with our nanny's illness to make me, temporarily, a stay-at-home single mother. So I've been busy.

Given that I am back, though, I badly need to update my blogroll. Some blogs have died, and some have moved; that much I can fix on my own. What I don't know is who I ought to be reading these days. The blogosphere changes a lot in nine months. Okay, obviously Firedoglake and Glenn Greenwald - but who else? Suggestions, please.