Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Baby Blogging


Or, more accurately, Friday toddler blogging. Look at her! She's fourteen months old - practically a grown-up. She walks, she climbs, she never stops talking.

Back from my shameful nine-month absence from blogging, I notice that little has changed from my pre- to post-hiatus political posts: the Bush Administration is still hell-bent on arrogating all power to the executive, abortion rights are still threatened, horrible accounts of torture are still surfacing, ideologues are still restricting women's access to health care. I could probably just recycle my old posts, and it would be a while before anyone noticed. But baby blogging! The last time I baby-blogged here, Alex had just begun sitting up without support, and was trying her first taste of solid food. Now she's climbing up on the couch to steal the TV remote, obsessively identifying body parts, and giving her stuffed doggy a ride in her dump truck.

At least there's progress somewhere, huh?