Saturday, February 07, 2004

More Breast Issues Exposed

Sisyphus Shrugged has news of the inevitable class-action lawsuit, filed by a Tennessee woman who complains she suffered "outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury" from the brief sight of Janet Jackson's tit, sufficient to require three years' worth of the total revenues of CBS, MTV, and Viacom in order to assuage her pain. Heaven help her if she ever accidentally stumbles into a meeting of the La Leche League.

Skimble points out that the nipple plaintiffs are suing for considerably more money than would be offered, under Bush's tort reform plan, for the pain and suffering of a woman who received and unnecessary double mastectomy.

Wonkette provides a useful translation of Peggy Noonan's hand-wringing editorial somehow linking Boobgate to 9/11.
See? Crystal clear. You're the frog, I'm the water, Justin Timberlake is the hand that turns the flame on. . . Are you with me? [...] OK, let me explain again. Our culture is a frog. Janet Jackson is the pot and Justin Timberlake is the water. The nipple is the flame. No, wait. . . The nipple is the water, Janet is the flame and Whitney Houston is the frog. Hold on, I'm almost getting it. . .
My previous post on this issue is garnering lots of party invitations, which is nice. One hopes that they're all from people who understand that my breasts generally stay inside my clothing.