Sunday, June 06, 2004


This morning was the AIDS walk I mentioned a few weeks ago. I hauled myself out of bed far too early for a chilly Sunday morning, and walked 3.2 miles under a cloudy sky that threatened, but did not quite produce, rain.

Three things about the march I did not expect:

(1) An R&B dance warmup. Sadly, we here at Respectful of Otters are just not very funky.

(2) A group marching under a lovely banner that read "Office of the Public Defender."

(3) A priest set up alongside the march route, serving Communion out of the back of his van.

I'd like to thank the 14 Respectful of Otters readers who donated a total of $400 to support my local community-based AIDS service organization, as well as my other readers who support HIV/AIDS services in their own communities. Twenty years into the epidemic, we still need you.