Monday, December 15, 2003

I've been invited to join the Liberal Coalition, which proves that entering the new blog showcase was a great idea even if I didn't win.

A quick tour of the Coalition: Kick the Leftist points to new poll results since Saddam Hussein's capture, which show only meager increases in the percentage of Americans who think the war is worthwhile and the percentage who plan to vote for Bush. It ain't over, folks, by any means. And Then... has an admirable call to arms on behalf of Democratic unity. It's Craptastic! won this week's new blog showcase, and finds, true to form, that a Republican candidate wants to subvert the voting process. Dohiyi Mir's "Queer Eye for the Deposed Guy" is just plain wrong. Corrente has the good news that the AARP may be backing off on its support of the godawful Medicare bill. And finally, Tao of Dowingba needs to go read Howard Dean's new foreign policy speech.

Well. This should be fun.