Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Terrorists you've never heard of, part 1:
A Christian fundamentalist who was trained as an Army Ranger pleaded innocent last week to bomb and weapons charges in an alleged plot to blow up abortion clinics, gay bars and churches he deemed disloyal. Prosecutors said 35-year-old Stephen John Jordi described himself as a terrorist and planned a bombing spree across the eastern United States.
Terrorists you've never heard of, part 2:
In April, as Baghdad fell and American soldiers began searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, federal officials uncovered a cache of deadly chemicals much closer to home — in the eastern Texas town of Noonday. The stockpile included a fully functional sodium cyanide bomb capable of killing hundreds, as well as neo-Nazi and antigovernment literature, illegal weapons, half a million rounds of ammunition, and more than 100 explosives, including bombs disguised as suitcases.

In February, federal officials arrested Rafael Davila, a former Army National Guard intelligence officer from Washington State; they say Mr. Davila and his former wife planned to distribute highly classified documents to white supremacists and antigovernment groups in North Carolina, Texas and Georgia.
Remember, folks, racial profiling is what we really need to keep us safe in the war against terrorism, whatever those PC wackos might say to the contrary. If it means that white males come under additional scrutiny for a while and maybe are asked to give up some of the civil liberties they took for granted in a pre-Timothy-McVeigh era - they should consider it their patriotic duty. It's all on behalf of a safer America.