Sunday, March 07, 2004

Otters Explain It All

Since hardly anyone reads Respectful of Otters on the weekends, I thought it might be a good time to answer reader questions.

No, not questions you've actually asked me. Questions people asked in Google searches which brought them to this site. In some cases, they found exactly what they needed, be it flowers from the heartland or evidence that gender myth similarities outweigh differences. Others left with their questions unanswered, until now:

why should someone be respectful
At its most basic level, this is a question of self-preservation. Rules for respectful behavior originally emerged as a way for smaller, weaker people to keep bigger, stronger people from killing them. More broadly, respectfulness, like courtesy, promotes civil interactions between individuals and contributes to a civil tone in society, which in turn facilitates greater involvement in public life. Psychologists have a duty to be fair and respectful of otters, as you can see from this blog's tagline, but it also behooves us to be fair and respectful of other living things as well. We don't always manage it.

how much seroquel does it take to kill a person
You make me nervous, but in the spirit of sharing psychological knowledge I researched your question. It takes an awful lot of seroquel to kill a person. The average prescription is for 400-700mg per day, and overdoses of up to 9600mg haven't produced deaths. Seroquel is simply not a very lethal drug, although a person could really mess themselves up trying. Nor does it seem like a very efficient way to commit murder. If you're writing a mystery novel, I suggest that you try another method.

how did otters get discovered
Otters told some of their closest friends they had a weblog, but it didn't really catch on until they entered the now-defunct Truth Laid Bear Showcase. Some nice folks at the Liberal Coalition - particularly Scout - discovered me through the showcase, took me under their wings, and left the first precious comments on my lonely blog. I got discovered discovered by Tapped, after Patrick Nielsen Hayden linked to my now-famous boob post. (Which was translated into Spanish! How crazy is that?) In one day, my daily hit count shot up from 50 to 1000. Not that it lasted, but it certainly counts as discovered.

gay otters
No, actually, although I can see why the long string of posts about gay marriage might have led you to believe otherwise. We here at Respectful of Otters are merely bisexual. In researching the answer to your question, though, I discovered that "otter" is a term with specific meaning in the bear subculture of the gay community, referring to a gay man who is hairy, yet slim. Huh. I had no idea. I just assumed the person was looking for some otter analogue of the gay penguins. I guess you learn something new every day.

political involvement virginia statistics
Yes, Virginia, if you're going to be involved in politics you'll need to have a head for statistics. How else are you going to understand what's wrong with John Lott? Fortunately, you probably don't need to get deep into the complicated stuff like logistic regression. Unless you just happen to be interested in reading my disserta - hey, where are you going?

do otters change their appearance
Not as such. Otters have had essentially the same haircut since halfway through college - except for a brief flirtation with head-shaving, which ended about the time I moved to Iowa and experienced my first 20-below-zero winter weather. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that a childhood friend who hadn't seen me since age eleven recently found me again because she recognized my picture on the net. So no, I can't say that otters change their appearance.

kansas city blog urban february depressed
Yes. If there's one thing in this world of which I'm certain, it's that anyone stuck in Kansas City in February is probably depressed. As I'm sure you'd know if you read their blog. Being in an urban environment is probably a slight protective factor, compared to being in a small town or something, but it can only help so much.

(All search strings unedited. Please excuse this utterly shameless exercise in self-indulgence.)