Thursday, January 08, 2004

Around the Blogs

Now, this is what TTLB's new weblog showcase is supposed to be about: bringing our attention to things like The Greater Nomadic Council's explanation of the relations between advertising and "cool."

In the Liberal Coalition this week: the Invisible Library has a lovely eulogy for Emperor Norton, who died 124 years ago today. Edwardpig has more examples of Bush contradicting himself, which will be ignored by a press obsessively tracking accusations of Democratic candidate inconsistencies. Echidne of the Snakes passes on marital advice from Dr. Laura, and does a nice job of demonstrating that neither gender is well-served by the wife-as-geisha ideal. Gotham City 13 reminds us to get our talking points straight: no matter how much it might seem otherwise, Howard Dean is the angry one. (Bonus: there's a cute dog pic right below the linked post!) Also, did you know that Howard Dean supporters are terrorists-in-waiting? Thanks to And Then... for reading that stuff so I don't have to.

Dohiyi Mir has some interesting news I hadn't heard: Vermont Public Radio reported a partially mitigating circumstance for Dean's closed Vermont records. Frankly, I have trouble getting excited about the whole sealed-records thing. It shouldn't be an issue past the primary, since Bush's Texas records are also inaccessible. Steve Gilliard has the most interesting take yet on that ridiculous Club for Growth ad. (Kudos to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for finding an Iowan who works part-time as a body-piercer in Des Moines, moonlights at a coffee shop, and is utterly unamused by the Club for Growth ad.) And Lambert at Corrente is following up on the stunning lack of national attention to domestic terrorism. Finally, more people should listen to Pen-Elayne talk about why that godawful "S-factor" meme should just be buried right now.

Good stuff all around. Check it out.