Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Go, Otter, Go!

My Significant Otter is en fuego over in the comments section of Obsidian Wings:
I spent years preparing myself to give my life in the service of my country if necessary, and I believe that the least that my country owes me in return is telling me the truth when it comes to what we need, and what we spend our money on. Don't piss on my hands and tell me it's raining, for God's sake!

If we need to all shell out to make sure that we can check incoming cargo containers for hidden nukes, or to pay for draining a terrorist swamp in Iraq, then I'm OK with that. Just don't say that only those making less than some particular amount get to shell out more money to cover it. Don't tell me that gay people don't get the same rights as Britney Spears. Don't tell me that massive deficits and tax cuts go together like beer and pretzels. Don't tell me that we can get along with half-assed planning for rebuilding Iraq. Don't tell me that you think all of us out here in the 50 states are morons, who can't be trusted to follow whatever line of reasoning you want to provide for your actions.
There aren't individual comment links, but scroll down to the post from Michael N. at 2:04am. It's worth reading the whole thing.